Amadeus is the oldest of the Freaks as far as anyone can tell . He
was actually not created by either of the Freaks brothers but rather
,their mother. She created the doll to help her boys appreciate music
as well as to play lullabies for them during their nap time when they
were very young . Amadeus has watched over the boys from an
early age and after their mother's passing he played as much a
parenting role as possible for a mystical doll . The true purpose of
Amadeus is still unclear , but all signs suggest he was created for
more than just playing music on his hat organ .
Aargh , what can we say about him ... ya gotta love him .
That is if you can overlook his terrible disposition , his poor
attitude and the odor that eminates from his raggedly clothes .
Aargh was George's first creation , when George was only
about 8 years old . He was designed to help protect George as
well as ward off the teasing kids in school . He's come a long
way since the early years and is now Head of Security at The
Freaks Factory as well as the strongest of the Freaks ( usually
making him the one chosen to lift and move heavy objects
around the Factory ... also very helpful with stubborn pickle
jars !
Dear little Cog , not nearly as odd or
strange as some of his brethren . Cog was
Wilbur's first creation and was created to
be his best friend and confidant .
Tink  was the first creature Wilbur and
George actually made together , so he has
Wilbur's good nature and George's ...well ,
slight instability . He was primarily created
for the purpose of helping the brothers
with toy repair when they got too busy to
keep up . He has since been upgraded to
Head of Factory Maintenance , Chief toy
repairman and all around Mr Fixit for the
brothers. He has the natural ability to fix
anything that needs repair and often takes
liberties to upgrade toys if time allows.
Jinx was one of the first toys made at the "
Freaks Toy Factory" hand designed by
George . His crazed look , sewn shut
mouth and unbelievably functioning
detached fingers made him unpopular
amongst children but made George smile
from ear to ear . He resides at the factory
serving little purpose other than to play
jokes and tricks on the other members of
the group , his favorite past time is scaring
the daylights out of Tink !
Oz , as he is affectionately called  by the
other Freaks , is the most productive
member of the Freaks. Having 9 hands ,
one eye and a whole lot of energy , Oz can
really get those toys cranked out !
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